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(Yahoo) As many Americans prepare to retire, many are wondering just how far their finances can take them.

After all, a majority of seniors live on meager incomes, and many are reliant on ever-imperiled Social Security. But for the workers who have put in their time, a cheaper spot to throw in the towel might be one solution for their economic woes. And, of course, many older adults are also combatting rising loneliness — making a strong community even more key to a comfortable retirement.

Some states have more retirees than others; perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly a fifth of Florida is retired.

Indeed, Florida hosts some of the best spots to retire, according to a new ranking from real-estate website compiled a list of the top 10 places to retire, looking at a combination of housing prices, median ages, and real-estate listings that point to a retiree-friendly area.

While Florida is showing up and showing out, you don’t necessarily have to head south to find an ideal post-career destination — your affordable retirement might just be down the Jersey Shore.

Here are the top 10 spots to retire, according to, what it costs to live there, and what they’re best known for.

10. Whiting, New Jersey

Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 78%

Median age of residents: 69

Median list price: $179,000

Known for: With by far the cheapest median list price of the top 10, Whiting, located in the Pine Barrens, is home to over 33,000 residents attracted by the plentiful greenery, relatively inexpensive prices, and proximity to Philadelphia and New York City.

9. Laguna Woods, California

Laguna Woods, CA.
Laguna Woods, CA.Matt Gush

Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 99%

Median age of residents: 75

Median list price: $409,900

Known for: Laguna Beach in Orange County has cheaper retirement-friendly listings than the rest of the county, drawing beach lovers and nature enthusiasts to spots like Newport Beach and Dana Point.

8. Sun City, California

Menifee, CA.
Menifee, CA.Matt Gush

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