Video: Trans Dude Who Won Women’s Golf Event Cries ‘Discrimination’ After Receiving Backlash Over Goal Of Competing On LPGA Tour

(Breitbart) Male-born transgender golfer Hailey Davidson is decrying the discrimination he claims to be suffering after a backlash rose over his latest women’s golf tournament win and his bid to earn a spot on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour (LPGA).

Last week, Davidson, 30, won the NXXT Women’s Classic, which put him one step closer to earning his card as a member of the LPGA.


Davidson, a Scottish-born man whose real name is James Scott Davidson, claims to have transitioned to a woman in 2015 and was given permission by the LPGA to compete as a woman starting in 2021. Since then, he has won numerous women’s tournaments and is on track to earning his professional golf card with the league.

Now, Davidson is taking to social media to claim to be facing “misinformation,” “hatred,” and even “death threats.”

In an interview, Davidson also claimed he fears for his safety as he works to earn an LPGA Tour card.

“It’s crazy the amount of misinformed hatred I have received so far today,” Davidson wrote. “All of these people (think) I hit it 300 yards or even 280 yards. How about 250 on a good day,” He wrote in one Post, the New York Post reported.

In another, Davidson wrote, “I will never allow hate to win, especially when based on some misinformation.”

The Post also noted that the LPGA Tour ended its “female at birth” rule back in 2010, five years before Davidson began his hormone treatment to transition to a woman. 2015 was also the last time he competed in the men’s category in golf, though as a man, he never made much of a dent in pro golf standings. He fully transitioned with gender-affirming surgery in 2021.

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