Cancel Them!! #BoycottDisney Trends On X After Elon Musk Calls Out Advertisers Over Censorship

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(PM.) On Thursday, calls #BoycottDisney grew on X, formerly known as Twitter, after Elon Musk called out advertisers for blackmailing the company at the New York Times Dealbook Summit.

That includes Disney CEO Bob Iger, whom Musk addressed after telling advertisers to “go f-ck yourself.”


Bob Iger, who was at the summit, is one of many CEOs involved in a coordinated campaign attack to cease advertisements on Musk’s social media platform on claims of “anti-Semitism.”

Musk received massive praise for his comments at the summit but also garnered backlash, mostly from mainstream media. However, his supporters are standing by him and are calling on everyone to boycott Disney.

People called to boycott all Disney-owned companies and began sharing images of their newly canceled Disney+ subscriptions, and called on everyone to do the same.

“X users are cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions after Elon Musk told Disney CEO Bob Iger to “go f**k yourself” for blackmailing X. Good. Stop giving money to people who hate you and hate free speech. X users are fighting back and rallying behind Elon after he blasted advertisers for trying to blackmail him with money,” journalist Collin Rugg wrote on X.

“It’s time to cancel your Disney+ account. Stop giving your money to corporations that hate you and try to dictate who gets free speech online. We stop this madness by using the power all of us have in our wallets. The only way out is through,” said Michael Seifert, CEO and founder of Public Square.


“Operation #BendTheKnee has begun. We have the power to make Disney bend the knee to us by resuming ads here. Don’t make one purchase that gives them a dime. End @disneyplus subscriptions. No Disney Christmas gifts for kids. Force Bob Iger to bend the knee to us and @elonmusk,” Robby Starbuck said.

“I’m canceling my @AppleTV, @Hulu (@Disney-Owned) & @ParamountPlus subscriptions. And will do my best to stop giving my money to companies who don’t support X & @elonmusk’s effort to save Free Speech. I hope all the boycotters get a taste of Bud Light & kindly Go F— Yourself,” wrote Texas Lindsay.

“Woke up to see we’re cancelling Disney again. You love to see it,” DC Draino excitedly wrote.

“I see #CancelDisney is trending… I honestly thought we were already boycotting Disney for firing Gina Carano, ruining every new movie by being woke, and employing a suspicious amount of pedophiles,” said Mindy Robinson.

“Stop giving money to people that hate you. Cancel Disney+ and pass it on,” End Wokeness wrote.

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