The Cult Of LGBTQ: Is Oreo Determined To Become The Next Bud Light?

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(Townhall) Oreo could be the latest big brand to get the Bud Light treatment.

The cookie company’s Chicago-headquartered parent organization, Mondelēz International, will be confronted at its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday over how its LGBTQ marketing could tank business and irreparably tarnish the brand.As a shareholder in Mondelēz, formerly Kraft Foods, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a non-profit corporate watchdog, is warning the owner of Oreo (and other American household favorites): “Don’t make yourself the next Bud Light.”According to a two-page proposal, which NLPC will present to shareholders this week, Mondelēz “irresponsibly” involves itself in politically divisive issues and is deeply embroiled in left-wing activism, consequently creating “reputational and financial risk.”

Mondelēz is “playing with fire” by joining forces with far-left gender ideologues, NLPC says.

NLPC’s resolution calls on Mondelēz to scrutinize areas of risk where the multinational snack giant and its labels have engaged in “risky relationships” with outside organizations, such as the “ill-advised” one Oreo has with the LGBTQ pressure group PFLAG.

Since at least 2020, the cookie kingpin has been a “proud” partner of PFLAG, previously the national Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays network. PFLAG, which actively lobbies against state laws that seek to protect minors from medical butchery, pushes so-called “gender-affirming” procedures onto school-aged children as young as three years old.

PFLAG also battles to place pornographic books in public schools and libraries where children can easily access them. “This Book is Gay,” which provides a guide to finding strangers on gay hook-up apps; “Gender Queer,” which features an illustration of oral sex performed on a sex toy; “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which contains underage incest; “Flamer,” which features several obscene sexual situations; and “Lawn Boy,” which describes minors performing oral sex on each other, are among the sexually explicit texts PFLAG is pushing.

PFLAG characterizes its child indoctrination efforts in public education as a stand against “book banning.” In addition to supporting legislation that promotes LGBTQ literature’s inclusion in K-12 classrooms, PLFAG co-sponsors a “banned books” website as part of a coalition.

In October, Oreo co-sponsored PFLAG’s 2023 National Convention in Washington, D.C. First Lady Jill Biden kicked off the four-day event in an opening address that preceded PFLAG’s plenary session on combatting “book bans,” which was led by the American Library Association (ALA)’s president Emily Drabinski, a self-avowed “Marxist lesbian.” U.S. Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine was also a speaker there on the “Courageous Love in Trans Healthcare” panel.

“So should a brand such as Oreo, so identified with children, also be so deeply intertwined with the aggressive promotion of the LGBTQ tactics and agenda of militant groups like PFLAG?” NLPC asks, posing the question to Mondelēz’s shareholders.

Mondelēz has pledged at least $500,000 to PFLAG. As Oreo upped its LGBTQ “allyship” antics, the cookie company hosted a pass-through fundraiser for PFLAG on Oreo’s corporate website to boost PFLAG’s membership and pool of donors. Accordingly, the first 2,000 customers to join PFLAG, donating a gift of $50 or more, received a limited-edition package of rainbow Oreo cookies. In 2020, when the rainbow renditions were launched, Oreo started the giveaway to “reward acts of allyship for the LGBTQ+ community.” Customers were called to participate in the “#ProudParent campaign” in order to receive the promotional product. In 2021, Oreo marketed them as “OREOid for PFLAG” boxes, so consumers can “celebrate however you identify.”

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