Coinbase IPO Launches Today, Here’s Everything To Know

Coinbase IPO will trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol COIN starting Wednesday

Credit: Coinbase


Coinbase will make stock market history on Wednesday as the first company specializing in cryptocurrencies to launch an initial public offering.

The company, which may have a valuation north of $100 billion, will begin trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol COIN in a direct listing vs. a traditional IPO.

Nasdaq has Coinbase’s direct listing IPO, Ticker: COIN

“I see this as a bridge between the disruptive decentralized cryptocurrency market and the traditional market,” Sica said. “This IPO will bring cryptocurrency to the forefront, take away some of the obscurity, and allow people to invest in what I believe is gonna be a very, very significant presence as an alternative currency in the future.”

The IPO comes as bitcoin hovers near $60,000 advancing 106% this year as of Monday.

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