No More Smiles: Israel Releases Photo Found In Tunnel Of 6 Hamas Terror Leaders Smiling During Meeting

One of images showed senior figures of the Northern Gaza Brigade, the second largest in Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces said

Fox News

(Fox News) The Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet security service released several images Tuesday discovered in tunnels constructed by Hamas, including one showing five senior figures of the terror group who were killed during a strike.

The picture shows a group of Hamas leaders in a meeting while eating, according to a joint IDF and Shin Bet statement. The five led the Northern Gaza Brigade, the second largest in Hamas.


“With assistance from the IDF Intelligence Directorate and the ISA, IDF soldiers eliminated the brigade’s commander, Ahmed Al-Ghandoor, the Deputy Brigade Commander, Wael Rajab, and other senior operatives, including: the commander of the brigade’s support battalion, the head of the technical and operational support department, and the observation officer for the northern Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

Hamas leaders during a meeting while eating
An image recovered by Israeli forces shows Hamas commanders eating during a meeting. Five of them were killed Tuesday during a strike inside a tunnel, the Israel Defense Forces said.  (Israel Defense Forces)

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