Plandemic 2.0? Deadly Virus With Kill Rate Of 40-75% Breaks Out in India

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

(PJ Media) Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, et al. have been warning since the outbreak of COVID-19 that there would be successive pandemics in the near future — even though a century passed between the 1917 pandemic and COVID.

But they swear to God it’ll be zoonotic in origin (passed from animals to humans) and not the result of illicit gain-of-function research in some communist lab somewhere beyond all effective oversight.


In the service of producing the next terror wave, the corporate state media and Public Health™ authorities really tried to make monkeypox a thing about a year or so ago — except that it was immediately obvious that the infections were confined almost exclusively to homosexuals engaging in risky sex, an infinitely tiny sliver of the population.

The narrative didn’t take off as intended, so that terror campaign died a quiet, ignominious death.

Do they have their much-coveted next “current thing” now? They certainly seem to hope so.

Via Forbes:

As of now, there are only six confirmed cases confined to the Indian state of Kerala, but the authorities have already instituted widespread lockdowns.

Via Ind Today:


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