Questions Surround Atrocities Said To Have Occurred In Bucha Ukraine

The Ukrainian government and U.S. Pentagon officials have proven not to be trusted with any info related to the war

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The Pentagon on Monday admitted they could not independently confirm Ukraine’s account of the killings that took place in Bucha.

From Reuters, “Pentagon can’t independently confirm atrocities in Ukraine’s Bucha, official says”:

The U.S. military is not in a position to independently confirm Ukrainian accounts of atrocities by Russian forces against civilians in the town of Bucha, but has no reason to dispute the accounts either, said on Monday.

“We’re seeing the same imagery that you are. We have no reason whatsoever to refute the Ukrainian claims about these atrocities — clearly, deeply, deeply troubling,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The Pentagon can’t independently and single handedly confirm that, but we’re also not in any position to refute those claims.”

The Kremlin has denied accusations related to the murder of civilians in the town.

The New York Times and Reuters have both said they could not independently verify Ukrainian officials’ story.

Nonetheless, according to the Pentagon, the Ukrainians — who have been caught pushing lieafter lie after lie to lobby for NATO intervention — apparently have no reason to lie about what went down in Bucha.

Zelensky, since day four of the war when he instituted mass conscription of all men aged 18 to 60 and handed out arms en masse to turn civilians into enemy combatants, has aimed to get as many civilians killed as possible for atrocity propaganda purposes.

The Pentagon’s statement reads like comedy.

Despite the Pentagon admitting they can’t independently confirm what happened, Biden went ahead and once again declared Putin a “war criminal” because, in his words, “we saw what happened in Bucha.”

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