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Vaccine Fail: Italian Data Shows Most Covid Deaths In Italy Are ‘Vaccinated People’

The Italian microbiologist Andrea Crisanti contradicted the official narrative that the unvaccinated are more likely to die from Covid than the vaccinated. He also criticized the lack of transparency of data from clinical vaccination studies

The Italian microbiologist Andrea Crisanti. Screenshot from YouTube


The fake news that mainly unvaccinated people die from Covid has once again been debunked in Italy. The Italian microbiologist Andrea Crisanti did not mince his words in a recent television program.

Over the last few months, Crisanti has revealed more and more information about the political management of the Covid crisis as well as the international development of the pandemic, reported Byoblu.


On February 2, 2022, Crisanti interpreted the latest available data on the La7 TV show L’aria che tira: “Yesterday’s 437 deaths remind us that most of them are vaccinated people. Because the number of people who die unvaccinated in the intensive care unit is 20 or 30 a day. This is also evident from the data presented by the ISS a few days ago.”

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