Actor, Comedian Bill Burr Slams CNN – They Are ‘Treasonous Un-American Pieces Of Sh*t’

Credit: The Post Millennial


Comedian and actor Bill Burr tore into CNN on his podcast this week calling the liberal network “treasonous un-American.”

“I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb. They’re f*cking treasonous un-American pieces of sh*t.”

The Madalorian star said that his mother-in-law turns on CNN when she comes to his house to watch his kids. “She always puts on CNN. And do you know what those f*cking morons are doing? Do you know what those f*cking morons are doing?! They’re f*cking talking about Trump.”

Burr torched the network’s obsession with former President Donald Trump-obsession and CNN’s refusal to criticize President Joe Biden because he’s a Democrat.

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