Video: Watch As A Drunk Andy Cohen Says ‘Sayanora Sucker’ To NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio During CNN’s ‘New Years Eve Live’ Show

Just more evidence that CNN isn’t a news network


An animated Andy Cohen did not mince words while telling viewers of CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” coverage what he thought about former Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was replaced by Mayor Eric Adams after the ball dropped.

Cohen leaned into the camera and nearly needed to be held back by co-host Anderson Cooper as he unloaded on the ex-mayor — despite Cooper pleading with the Bravo personality not to “go on a rant.”


“Do his victory lap dance after four years as the crappiest term of the mayor of New York,” Cohen stammered, as an exasperated Cooper shook his head and repeated “wow” in disbelief after failing to change the subject.

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