Angry Protesters Gather Outside United Nations HQ, Slam The World Heath Organization (WHO) And Their Desire For ‘Bodily’ Control

The WHO wants to control law in every country around the world

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(PM.) On Tuesday, a series of protests took place outside the United Nations‘ headquarters in New York City while diplomats and world leaders congregated in the General Assembly.

Demonstrators demanded an end to the “great reset” they alleged was being pushed by those in power, and the abolition of the World Health Organization. A number of groups also brought attention to other region-specific human rights abuses.

There was a heavy security presence outside the UN headquarters on 1st Avenue, thus most protestors held their marches on 2nd. Some, however, set up signs within view of the building.

Among them were activists calling on world leaders to punish Iran for the atrocities committed by the Islamic regime. On September 16, 2022, a young woman named Mahsa Amini was killed by the so-called “morality police,” igniting a wave of protests that are still ongoing. In the months since, countless other Persian protestors have been murdered by the regime.

Both within Iran and in diaspora communities across the world, Persians have been united in their desire to see revolution bring down the Islamic government.


Nearby, a number of people took part in a protest organized by the New York Freedom Rally, a grassroots movement whose goal is to put an end to government control over peoples’ bodies, and promote health autonomy.

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