Defies Subpoena: Hunter Biden Fails To Show For Deposition, House To Initiate Contempt Of Congress Charges In Biden Family Corruption Investigation

Hunter Biden arrives to appear in a federal court on gun charges in Wilmington, Del., October 3, 2023.(Mike Segar/Reuters) Share

(National Review) House Republicans said Wednesday they will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against Hunter Biden after he refused to appear for a scheduled closed-door deposition.

“Hunter Biden today defied lawful subpoenas and we will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings,” said House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan. “We will not provide special treatment because his last name is Biden.”


“As our committees were today prepared to depose Hunter Biden, he chose to make a public statement on Capitol Hill instead where he said his father, Joe Biden was not financially involved in his family’s business dealings. Exactly how was Joe Biden involved? Evidence shows Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business associates and his name was at the center of the family business strategy,” the pair added.

Hunter Biden appeared outside the Capitol on Wednesday and told reporters he will only testify before the House Oversight Committee if he can do so in a public hearing.

The committee previously issued a subpoena to the younger Biden compelling him to participate in a deposition. He was scheduled to give a closed-door testimony on Wednesday.

“What are they afraid of? I’m here, I’m ready,” Hunter Biden said outside the Capitol on Wednesday.

He said he was given the option to participate in depositions or committee hearings.

“Well, I’ve chosen. I’m here to testify at a public hearing today to answer any of the committee’s legitimate questions,” he said.

“There is no evidence to support the allegations that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen,” the younger Biden told reporters. 

Representative Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) echoed Hunter’s rationale in comments to reporters.

“What are you afraid of hearing from? It sounds like the only reason you would want to do this privately is if you don’t have the goods,” he said.

Comer and Jordan said a scheduled House vote on a resolution to formally open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden is made all the more important by Hunter Biden’s defiance.

“Today’s obstruction by Hunter Biden reinforces the need for a formal vote. President Biden and his family must be held accountable for their corruption and obstruction. And we will provide that to the American people,” the pair said.

The committee says financial records show the family created a complex web of more than 20 shell companies “in a concerted effort to hide payments from foreign adversaries.” The family, its business associates, and their companies raked in more than $24 million from foreign nationals over a period of five years. That includes millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan.

The committee has released bank records that purportedly show a complicated series of money transfers that ultimately resulted in President Biden receiving $40,000 that originated with a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC China Energy.

Biden received a $40,000 personal check from an account shared by his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden, in September 2017 — money that was marked as a “loan repayment.” The alleged repayment was sent after funds were filtered from Northern International Capital, a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC, through several accounts related to Hunter Biden and eventually down to the personal account shared by James and Sara Biden.

The committee says the series of payments establish a direct benefit Biden received from his family’s business dealings, despite Biden’s claims that he has not been involved.

The Bidens began working with CEFC, a Chinese energy company linked to the CCP, when Joe Biden was vice president. Hunter Biden sent a WhatsApp message to CEFC associate Raymond Zhao on July 30, 2017, demanding a $10 million payment.

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. I am very concerned that the Chairman has either changed his mind and broken our deal without telling me or that he is unaware of the promises and assurances that have been made have not been kept,” the message read.

“And Z if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the Chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction,” he added.

The next day, Hunter Biden asked to reshape the partnership to exclude James Gilliar, Rob Walker, and Tony Bobulinski, leaving CEFC working only with James Biden.

“CEFC is willing to cooperate with the family,” Zhao replied.

Walker told the FBI that Biden had appeared at a CEFC meeting in Washington, D.C., with Hunter Biden. Walker acknowledged that the younger Biden had his father attend in order to increase the chances of getting a deal to work out.

Former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer testified that then-vice president Biden joined at least 20 phone calls and in-person meetings with Hunter’s foreign business associates during their time working together. He explained that access to the vice president served as the selling point of the Biden “brand” that allowed him and Hunter several lucrative financial opportunities, including joining the board of Burisma.


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