Joe Biden’s Sister Says She Believes Meghan Markle Would Be A Great President

Another Biden with a warped sense of reality

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Joe Biden’s sister has said that Meghan Markel should run for president.

Valerie Biden Owens has invited Markle to join the Democratic Party because she will ‘of course’ make a good candidate for the US Presidency. (Does Biden’s sister suffer with the same mental health challenges as her brother?)


Her endorsement came after Markels biographer Tom Bower said that the Duchess has ‘trampled on others to get to the top……just like a politician’.

Bower says he plans to reveal details about Markels ruthless ambition in his upcoming ‘tell all’ book.

The Sun reports: Meghan’s outspoken views has led to speculation the 40-year-old could one day run for political office and even have a tilt at President.



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