Media Upset After Finding Out That Suspected ‘Serial Killer’ Of Muslim Men In Albuquerque Was 51yo Afghan Migrant Muhammad Syed Instead Of White Male

The media decided not to publish the suspects name or picture because it doesn’t fit their narrative

Information Liberation

(Information Liberation) The White House and media were praying for the killer to be a white vigilante so they could advance their “white extremist” narrative.

Instead, it appears this is just another one of many interpersonal ethnic conflicts we’ve imported into our country in order to “make it stronger.”

The media made sure to keep the suspect’s name and picture out of their headlines.



From ABC 7, “Afghan man Muhammad Syed charged in killing of 2 Muslims in Albuquerque, suspected in 2 others”:

A 51-year-old man from Afghanistan was charged Tuesday with killing two Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and authorities said he is suspected in the slayings of two others whose deaths sparked fear in Muslim communities nationwide.

Officials announced the arrest of Muhammad Syed a day after he was taken into custody.

Police Chief Harold Medina made the announcement on Twitter, saying that authorities had tracked down a vehicle believed to be involved in one of the slayings in New Mexico’s largest city.

“The driver was detained, and he is our primary suspect for the murders,” the tweet said.

Investigators received tips from the city’s Muslim community that pointed them toward Syed, who arrived in the U.S. sometime in the last several years, police said.

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