No Surprise: Liberal California Maintains #1 Spot For Highest Poverty Rate In Entire Country

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(Not The Bee) Let’s give a round of applause to the commie state of California!



The Census Bureau released new 2022 economic data, and California has outdone itself yet again. The data includes both official poverty rates for 2022 and what are called “supplemental” rates.

According to the report, poverty is at its highest in the Los Angeles area and lowest in the San Francisco area.

The official, non-supplemental poverty rate in the United States was 11.5% since 2021. However, there was a notable decrease in the poverty rate for black Americans, from 19.3% in 2021 to 17.0% in 2022. reported:

In 2018, City Journal reported:

Imagine that! The government making a problem even worse…

Governor Gavin Newsom and Democratic legislators have recognized California’s sad status as the state with the highest poverty rate and have implemented various programs to help Californians climb the poverty ladder.

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