Poll: Close To 70% Of Unvaccinated Americans Would Quit Their Job Rather Than Submit To Vaccine Mandate

Many experts say that those who are vaccinated pose a greater risk than the unvaccinated

Credit: Reuters / Chalinee Thirasupa


Almost 70% of unvaccinated Americans would rather quit their job than submit to mandatory vaccination, a new poll found, as another survey suggests more than 50% of companies plan such requirements by the end of the year.

Some 35% of the 1,066 unvaccinated individuals polled by the Washington Post and ABC News last week said they would request a religious or medical exemption if their employer adopted a vaccine mandate, while 42% said they would quit.

Asked what they would do if no exemptions were available, the majority opted to join that 42% and said they would call it quits if ordered to vaccinate, amounting to around 67% of unvaccinated workers who would rather quit than comply.

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