Steve Bannon Sentenced To Four Months For Contempt Of Congress Pending Appeal


(Washington Examiner) Steve Bannon will spend four months in jail and pay $6,500 in fines for contempt of Congress, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Bannon, the White House chief strategist for former President Donald Trump, disregarded demands from the House Jan. 6 committee for documents and testimony as part of its investigation of the attack on the Capitol.


“I want to say one thing — I respect the judge. The sentence he came down with today is his decision,” Bannon said after the sentencing, according to Fox News. “I’ve been totally respectful to this entire process on the legal side.”

Committee lawmakers particularly wanted to know why he said, a day before the siege, that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow.”

“The committee sought documents and testimony from the Defendant relevant to a matter of national importance: the circumstances that led to a violent attack on the Capitol and disruption of the peaceful transfer of power,” Justice Department prosecutors argued in a filing on Oct. 17. “In response, the Defendant flouted the Committee’s authority and ignored the subpoena’s demands.”

Bannon’s sentencing will reportedly be stayed pending an appeal, per NBC News.

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