Thanks Joe!! All 8 ‘ISIS’ Terrorists Arrested In Sting Operation Crossed Border Under Biden’s Open Border Policy

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Six Tajikistan nationals with suspected ISIS ties have been busted in a Joint Terrorism Task Force sting operation in the United States, along with two others who “were part of the same group.”

One of these individuals was caught on a wiretap saying, “Remember the Boston marathon? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse.” That man had previously been released by authorities at the southern border and had an immigration court date for next year.

The New York Post, who originally dropped the story:

Yes, we’re just letting suspected terrorists into our country through our southern border now. We just don’t have enough time to properly screen them with all the traffic coming in, so when we do vet them, they come up clean, and then they’re in. And later we find out they’re terrorists. Luckily these guys were busted. Next time maybe we won’t be so lucky.

The odds are in the terrorists’ favor.

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