The LGBTQ Cult: Transsexual Pioneer Says Today’s Trans Activists Are Indoctrinating Kids, ‘This Isn’t A Game’

Buck Angel, a transsexual man, says ‘our community is failing our community’

Fox News


A transsexual pioneer and human rights activist criticized modern trans activists and said children are facing “indoctrination.”

Buck Angel, a 59-year-old with gender dysphoria who identified himself as “a transsexual man,” told Fox News that when he began transitioning 30 years ago, there was a system and structure that ensured he was certain about his gender identity. He said that process, to children’s detriment, has since deteriorated.


“Now we have trans with no gender dysphoria, no need for mental health care, self ID, affirmation therapy,” Angel, who said he’s “a huge advocate for mental health care,” told Fox News. “That says to me on some level, some form of indoctrination.”

Angel, who said he never felt female, told Fox News he was one of the first in Los Angeles to use hormones to transition. He eventually became a porn star before becoming an advocate for self-acceptance with a mission to re-define gender.

“I’m an elder in a community I helped build,” Angel, who said he’s faced significant blow back for speaking out, told Fox News. “Now I’m being told that I’m old and antiquated.”

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 24: L.G.B.T. activists and their supporters rally in support of transgender people on the steps of New York City Hall, October 24, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“Our community is failing our community,” he added. “We’re not being loving and we’re not being caring. We’re being weird.”

Angel said his parents allowed him to socially transition when he was a kid, meaning he could make behavioral changes, like using a new name and dressing more masculine. He also said it was a long process before he was allowed to receive hormones in his late 20s.

“I see a vast, huge desire to fast track, for lack of a better term, these children into this space of trans kids” and put them on puberty blockers, Angel told Fox News. “I personally believe blocking puberty could be disastrous.”

Puberty blockers are pharmaceuticals used off-label to prevent trans children from developing as their birth gender. If a child decides to transition, they may be given hormones to develop as their preferred gender.


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