The Woke Generation: Only 18% Of Young Adults Are ‘Proud’ To Be An American

Liberal brainwashing of US history is most likely to blame

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(Daily Wire) Is American patriotism going through a major identity crisis? It seems like the young folks just aren’t feeling the love anymore, and it’s hitting new lows.

In the most recent Gallup poll reveals that pride in national identity is kind of embarrassing, especially among those aged 18-34. Talk about a generational rift right in the midst of all the political chaos.


The 18-34 crowd isn’t feeling the love, with only a measly 18% declaring they’re “extremely proud” to be American. Meanwhile, in the same poll, the 55 and older club is gloating, being almost three times more likely to feel super duper proud to be American.

OK, let’s do some time travel to 2013. Back then, a whopping 85% of the peeps aged 18-29 were rocking the national pride. But now? Nah, that number has gone way down. It’s like a roller coaster ride, but instead of screaming with excitement, we’re left scratching our heads.

To add another twist to this whole patriotism tale, political party affiliation plays a big role. Surprise, Republicans are leading the pride game, clocking in at a cool 60%. Meanwhile, the Democrats and independents are lagging behind at 29% and 33% respectively. But hey, let’s not forget that even within these political tribes, the young ones are still less thrilled compared to their seasoned counterparts.

So, what’s the deal? The decline in American pride has been a long journey, with a sharp drop after 9/11 and a steady decline since 2005. Age isn’t the only factor here, folks; party identification also plays a part. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a complicated mess that needs some serious fixing.

The Gallup poll follows another that found two out of three U.S. voters have declared that President Joe Biden, 80, might be just be too old to run in 2024. Americans think it’s high time he step aside and let younger Democrats fight it out for the nomination, according to a new poll.

The poll shockingly discovered that a whopping 67% of registered voters believe Biden — who’s become quite the maestro of gaffes and falls — isn’t up to the task mentally or physically to serve a second term.

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