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Video: 6 ‘MUST SEE’ Clips Of Elon Musk’s Interview With Tucker Carlson Last Night

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Elon Musk’s interview with Tucker last night was must-see TV. The real-lie Tony Stark sounded off on Twitter, AI, censorship, Democrats, Big Tech, wokeness, and civilizational destruction.

I’ve whittled the interview down to the 6 must important exchanges for you, which are embedded below. Enjoy.


1.) Elon bodies Zuckerberg:



2.) Elon runs Twitter on 20% of the staff it had before he bought it because he’s “not trying to run some glorified activist organization”:



3.) Elon plans to start a “third option” as a counterweight to Microsoft and Google’s woke AI systems that lie in the name of political correctness:



4.) The U.S. government had full access to Twitter users’ information and private DMs before Elon bought the company:


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