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Video: Denver Radio Host Scoops Up Human Feces Left Outside His Business From A Homeless Person And Dumps It At City And County Building

Jon Caldera wanted to make sure Democrats who run the City got the message after turning their back on the homeless problem

(Gateway Pundit) Radio Host and President of the Independence Institute in Denver, Jon Caldera, scooped up poop from a homeless person found outside his business and relocated it to the steps of the Denver City and County Building.

A video captured the moment Caldera pulled off the smelly stunt and it quickly went viral.


Caldera stated that he pulled off the grotesque stunt because city and county officials turned a blind eye to the homeless problem in Denver.

The president of the Independence Institute shared he not only has to clean up human feces but he also has to clean up vomit, urine, syringes, and used condoms daily.


Before Caldara pulled off the stunt he even made a press release announcing his plans.


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