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FYI: The Progressive Left Is Not Only Anti-Semitic, They Also Won’t Stand Up For Women – Here’s The Proof

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(Not The Bee) For years, progressives and liberals have held themselves out as the party of, by, and for women. Among a slew of other real and perceived minority groups, the Left has pretended to be champions of femininity despite mountains of evidence that indicates the exact opposite.

On Sunday, Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal provided the latest example when she humiliated herself, her state, and her party on national television. Appearing within the friendly confines of leftist propaganda network CNN, Jayapal was lobbed a softball topic from host Dana Bash about the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists in Israel. Her answer was jaw-dropping.

Wait, rape has now become a complex, nuanced issue? Rape?

Women, I cannot stress this enough. I don’t know what you’ve been told, I don’t know who told you, and I don’t know how many times they said it, but your gender is not safe when left vulnerable to the consequences of progressive thought. Here’s but one example of what Bash was talking about:


“We have to be balanced” in our condemnation of gang rape? No, we don’t, Ms. Jayapal. What is heaven’s name is wrong with you?

How is something so vile, something so perverse, something so inhumane not gag-inducing to everyone who hears about it? How is it not grounds for sweeping and universal condemnation? How is it possible to equivocate in your response? I don’t care how badly you hate Israel, how anti-Semitic you are, or how clueless you are about geopolitics. We’re talking about gang rape here.

There’s no nuance. There’s no qualification. There’s no stipulating facts. Not to sane, moral people.

But, and this is what women everywhere need to understand, there is nuance, qualification, and stipulations if you’re a progressive.

If you’re a progressive, it matters what kind of woman is allegedly being raped. When Jayapal was wanting to keep conservative Brett Kavanaugh off the U.S. Supreme Court, she seized upon the unfounded, bizarre, and confused allegations brought by Christine Blasey-Ford to demand Kavanaugh’s rejection.



She also expressed outrage in 2015 about European refugees being subject to sexual assault:



Those women didn’t deserve to be raped. But Israeli women? “We have to be balanced.”

What leads to this kind of warped moral compass? Progressivism and the Marxist columns upon which it is constructed. Notice how when the Marxist “oppressed/oppressor” paradigm is applied by progressives to the Israel/Hamas conflict, Israel is the oppressor and Hamas represents the oppressed. Ask any Marxist (woke) scholar that fills American dorm rooms if an oppressor can ever be oppressed and you’ll get an unequivocal “no.”

So in progressive thought, sure those Israeli women are being raped, but they are part of the oppressor class and their rapists are oppressed. So it’s just part of the necessary resistance. It’s a resistance rape.

This philosophy is vile, corrupting, and it is pervasive.

By that I mean it isn’t confined to just the situation in Israel. Don’t look at Jayapal and conclude, “Well that’s just another anti-Semite doing what they do, justifying rapes against Jewish people.” No, this is endemic. This is part and parcel of woke, Marxist, progressive thought itself, and thus it will be applied liberally in other circumstances as well.

Don’t believe me? Try to stomach this one:


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