Hateful Tactics: Patreon Targets Conservatives By Spying On Their ‘Off Platform’ Activity, Deplatforming Them

Conservative commentators Sydney Watson and Josh Lekach were recently suspended without a specific reason

Credit: Reclaim The Net


Patreon, a platform that allows content creators and artists to get paid directly for their content, suspended Sydney Watson, the host of BlazeTV’s “You Are Here” because of her off-platform “activity.”

The platform also suspended Josh Lekach, host of the Wrong Opinion podcast, at around the same time.

Watson announced the suspension in a series of tweets, claiming she was suspended over “hate speech.” However, she hardly posts on Patreon, which led her to believe she was suspended for her activity on other platforms.

In one of the tweets, she claimed that Patreon did not respond to her question on why she was suspended. A spokesperson told her, “We take into consideration the content shared on Patreon as well as any activity taking place outside of the platform.”




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