Iowa School District Forces Teachers Into Mandatory Racist, Hate Filled CRT Training, Told To Classify MAGA As White Supremacy

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency is pushing a political agenda onto teachers and students

Credit: Benny Johnson/Twitter


The lies of critical race theory are being spread through various outlets across the country. One place where lies about “inherent racism” have been heavily promulgated is inside public schools.

According to Turning Point USA Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson, a school district in Iowa has expanded its definition of racism to include practically anyone who disagrees with it politically.

Johnson tweeted a picture on Tuesday of a chart that was reportedly shown to teachers in the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, which is one of Iowa’s largest school districts.

The chart provides what it calls “examples of racism.” Some of them are classified as “overt white supremacy,” and they are mostly things that any rational person would oppose. Examples include “lynching,” “hate crimes” and “swastikas.”

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