VP Kamala Harris Pushes ‘Racism’ Without Proof In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict

Kamala Harris’s comments are meant to divide

Kamala Harris promoting the administration's infrastructure plans in Columbus, Ohio © REUTERS/Gaelen Morse


US Vice President Kamala Harris has claimed the justice system is not “equitable” in her reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Critics have swiftly dropped reminders of her own record as a prosecutor.

Harris said in a Friday public statement that there is “still more work to do” to improve the US justice system, a much harsher reaction than President Joe Biden’s initial comment that he “stands by the jury” and their not-guilty verdict. In a later statement, Biden described himself as “angered” and “concerned” with the decision by the jury.

Rittenhouse was found innocent on all charges against him this week, which include murder charges stemming from his shooting of three people in Kenosha, Wisconisn in August of 2020, two of whom died. Rittenhouse maintained he acted in self defense, and the jury found him innocent on all counts. The verdict did not sit well with the liberal commenters, many of whom have blasted Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist,” despite no evidence presented in favor of that claim during the trial.

Reacting to the verdict, Harris said she had spent the “majority” of her career trying to “make our criminal justice system more equitable.”

“It’s clear,” the former California senator added, “there’s still a lot more work to do.”

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