A List Of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ‘Noble Lies’

Credit: The Defender


Story at-a-glance:

  • A noble lie is paternalistic, or those where the deceiver must make an assumption that lying serves the best interest. Fauci claims misinformation and lies he shared may have been to influence behavior.
  • Fauci’s first comments were that masks are not effective in the community, after which he recommended people wear one or even two masks — he stated the spread of the virus was unlike anything he’s seen before, but the varying severity of the illness he quotes are much like the flu virus.
  • In a video from a Senate committee, Jim Jordan, (D-Ohio), quickly illustrates the change in Fauci’s position over gain-of-function research in the last 18 months, from “it never happened” to “it would have been negligent not to fund the lab.”
  • Fauci has consistently been nudging up the percentage of people required to be vaccinated to achieve what he calls herd immunity. He started at 60% and currently believes it may need to reach 85%. “But I’m not going to say 90%” — right now, he says.

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