Another Threat Made Against A Gay Nightclub And Just Like Previous Ones, The Suspect Is A Left-Wing Gay Man

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

(TownHall) An Atlanta man was arrested for making threats of violence against a local gay nightclub that including holding what looks to be a firearm in the latest incident involving threats and attacks against LGBTQ clubs. Similar to other incidents, the suspect in this case is a left-wing gay man.

Chase Staub is accused of making the threats against The Heretic on Instagram, according to Fox 5. Staub is actually holding a pepper spray gun and not an actual firearm. Some of the messages Staub posted on his Instagram account included, “Don’t give me something to shoot about.” He is facing terroristic threats and disorderly conduct charges.


Staub is a gay man who had previously contributed to the HuffPost, mainly focusing on giving tips to high school students on how to apply to Ivy League universities:

Chase Staub is a college admissions consultant at The Ivy Dean, an independent college counseling firm. At The Ivy Dean, Chase has guided hundreds of students through the college admissions process to be successfully accepted to their top-choice colleges, including those among the Ivy League. Prior to his work at The Ivy Dean, Chase worked in admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Georgia, where he helped students prepare for college and complete their application, facilitated alumni interviews, reviewed applications, and contributed to new admissions standards and requirements.

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