Anti-Parent: Biden’s Surgeon General Supports Grooming Children With Adult Sexuality Against Parents Wishes

Biden Administration continues to believe they know better than parents what’s best for your child

Credit: The Post Millennial


Biden’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has come out against Florida’s anti-grooming legislation, the Parental Rights in Education law. Murthy, who has called for the censorship of Joe Rogan over guests on his show who opposed the Biden administration’s Covid narrative, is now taking aim at education laws.

“Florida’s recent law restricting discussion about gender identity in school has understandably raised serious concerns. The law concerns me too,” Murthy said on Twitter, before explaining that in his view, the law prevents children from learning about differences in families. Instead, the law prevents teachers from broaching concepts of gender identity and sex that are not age-appropriate.

“Learning that people are different and that not all families look the same—these are important lessons that start early in life, including in school. They help create a society based on understanding and respect. They help children know they belong even if they are different,” Murthy wrote. The White House has claimed that the law is “discriminatory.”

Florida mom January Littlejohn has one such story, where a school kept her daughter’s social gender transition a secret from her, and gender identity nearly destroyed her family. Littlejohn is currently suing the school district.

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