Biden Kills Border Patrol Moral Over False Claims Of Whipping Hatians, Says ‘They Will Pay’

The attack on border agents by DHS is being called a political ‘witch hunt’

New York Post

(New York Post) Morale is plummeting among the US Border Patrol’s rank and file, who consider the Biden administration’s probe into fake claims that agents whipped Haitian immigrants as nothing but a political witch hunt, their union chief says.

The agents targeted by the Department of Homeland Security investigation were found to have broken no laws and at worst will reportedly face “administrative violations’’ — after nine months of review, noted Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol union, to The Post on Thursday.


“You had a president of the United States, without any evidence, without any investigation whatsoever, he said, ‘They will pay,’ ” Judd said.

“The moment he said that, [probers] had to find some sort of fault. They had no choice. Because [the investigators] are Executive Branch employees, they’re not going to buck the president of the United States. It’s not hard to try and drum up some sort of charge.”

In photos that made international headlines, multiple BP agents in the Eagles Pass sector of south Texas were pictured in September on horseback using their equines to block Haitian immigrants from entering the country illegally.

The agents had been ordered to do so — and were later falsely accused of whipping the immigrants with their horse reins.


US Border Patrol agents were accused of whipping Haitian immigrants.
AFP via Getty Images/ Paul Ratje


Border Patrol agents used horses to block Haitian immigrants from illegally entering the country.
AFP via Getty Images/ Paul Ratje


The agents will face some kind of disciplinary action from DHS’s Office of Personal Responsibility, Fox News has reported. Judd told The Post he did not have official confirmation of that but knows that the agents did not break any laws.

Judd suspects that the agents will be informed this week about what punishment has been recommended.

“The proposals can range anywhere from a letter of reprimand to termination. I have heard that no terminations are coming,” Judd said.

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