Canadian Aubrey Cottle, Other Black Hat Hackers Identified As Perpetrators Of Gab Attack

Credit: National File


The “criminal demon hackers” behind the Gab attack can now be revealed after a National File investigation into the attack on the free speech social network.

As National File reported, the hackers used the Discord server for 420chan, a left-wing messaging board founded in 2005, to organize and orchestrate the hack. Screenshots from the server show Aubrey Cottle, otherwise known as Kirtaner, or RealOGAnonymous, providing the information used to mastermind the hack in the Discord server.

On his Discord account, Cottle, who also founded 420Chan, posted the vulnerabilities in the server. “EVERYTHING. WILL. BURN,” Cottle said, after posting the SQLI exploit code for Gab, and telling users to “enjoy.” Cottle, who claims without evidence to be responsible for starting the largely defunct hacker collective called Anonymous, was also responsible for targeting Parler, having boasted about it on his now suspended Twitter account @Kirtaner.

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