Comedian Chris Rock Says Fear Of Cancel Culture Is Killing Comedy – ‘Everybody’s Scared, That’s Not A Place To Be’

Credit: The Right Scoop


Comedian and actor Chris Rock appeared on The Breakfast Club this week, and one of the topics that came up was cancel culture and how it affects comedy.

You have to understand this isn’t a conservative or libertarian show. I say this because Democrats in the mainstream press and especially at CNN spend a lot of time mocking the idea of cancel culture and signaling that it isn’t really a thing. You know, like they do with Antifa or anything inconvenient to elected Democrats.

But among REAL people, among entertainers who have a craft for example, an art form, it’s a different situation.

These liberal folks know exactly what cancel culture is, of COURSE, and they don’t like it. Bill Maher talks about this a lot, and he is like, a crazy anti-Christian, anti-religion RABID liberal. But they see what CNN anchors don’t want to acknowledge.

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