Disgraced Attorney And Admitted Perjurer Michael Cohen Is Not Only ‘Star Witness,’ In Trump Trial, But Is Now Part Of The MeidasTouch Network, A Biden Frontline Group

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(National Pulse) Michael Cohen, the disbarred former lawyer to Donald Trump expected to serve as a star witness in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s election interference prosecution of the former president, is now a contributor to MeidasTouch. The far-left news network responsible for the “bloodbath” hoax has been described as the “front line” of the anti-Trump campaign by Joe Biden’s White House.

Cohen, an admitted perjuror and felon, is prominent among MeidasTouch’s list of contributors, directly below its Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs-linked co-founder Ben Meiselas.


Among several articles the disgraced lawyer has penned for MeidasTouch is one titled ‘My Testimony,’ in which he brags about having “accused Trump of a wide range of wrongdoings, including racism, tax fraud, and obstruction of justice” at seven congressional hearings.

The article argues witnesses like Cohen “must be protected when testifying against dangerous individuals like Donald Trump.” Among the dangers Cohen lists are “public scrutiny,” which he complains is “stressful and can damage [your] reputation.”

One such episode of damaging “scrutiny” was revealed in December 2023, when unsealed court filings showed he supplied his lawyer with fake legal citations made up by Google Bard and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program similar to ChatGPT.

Cohen blamed his lawyer, David Schwartz, for the fiasco, insisting it was up to Schwartz to check that the fake cases he supplied actually existed before placing them before a judge.

Prosecutors are aware of Cohen’s dubious character, having listed him as one of several witnesses in the case with “bad issues” in comments to prospective jurors.

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