FBI Corruption: Multiple Whistleblowers Say FBI Is Doing Everything In Their Power To Discredit, Suppress Damning Hunter Biden Info

Not the Bee

(Not The Bee) Everything is corrupt from the top to bottom.


Note that this is a CBS News reporter.

The FBI is playing defense for Hunter Biden by hiding and discrediting his actual crimes.

Freaking INSANE.




Summary: The FBI had info on Hunter’s criminal activity in summer 2020 and it actively suppressed it for as long as it could.

Thank the Lord that Hunter Biden is a leaky sieve of debauchery, otherwise we would have never seen how deep the rabbit hole runs.

Here’s a lengthy explanation from the Washington Examiner on the details:


Auten was also involved in the investigation around collusion between Trump and Russia that was a huge hoax.

Can you imagine if Trump had used agents at the FBI to run cover for his kids? This is the stuff of dictatorships, not republics.


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