Incriminating Evidence? Newsmax Teases Release Of Biden’s “Big Mouth” Exposing His Own Corruption In Soon-To-Be-Released Audio Tapes


(NewsTarget)” Joe has a big problem coming his way.”

This was the warning uttered by anchor Greg Kelly during a recent episode of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax, a teaser for the release of what he referred to as an incriminating audio tape by no less than President Joe Biden himself.


“Biden has a big mouth and it got him into a lot of trouble, but he hasn’t seen the half of it yet,” Kelly said on the show’s Aug. 29 broadcast. “There is an audio tape I am told by people in the know – not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government, I can’t say too much – but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public.

The host said that the White House is aware of the tape’s circulation but he claimed not to know who will be releasing the tape to the public. Nevertheless, he informed the public of the rough timeframe of its release. “It’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween,” he said, offering very limited information about the release of the alleged tape.

According to Kelly, once the tape is published, Biden would only have two options. One, he would not be able to remain a presidential candidate for the 2024 race. Second, what he “might be able to do – potentially but probably not – is remain as president.” He added that there may be more than one damning tape or piece of evidence.

Elsewhere in the show, Kelly also played an audio recording of Biden’s alleged call with former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko back on February 18, 2016, related to the former’s demand to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor Victor Shokin.

“Yesterday, I met with the General Prosecutor Shokin,” Poroshenko, where the supposed voice of Biden responded with “Yes.” “And despite the fact that we didn’t have any corruption charges and we don’t have any information about him doing something wrong, I [specifically] asked him to resign,” the former president said. Biden answered, “Great.” Poroshenko added that this was his second step toward keeping his promises and Biden replied, “I agree.”

As per Kelly, it was the former Ukrainian president who recorded the conversation as proof to hold over Biden. He commented that the most incriminating evidence – the “controversial tape – is set to come out and it is going to “blow the lid off of the Biden administration that could probably bring it down forever.”

For the host, Biden is just taking it easy as he waits for the worst and is now only all about himself. He claimed that Biden knows “his time is up” because he has recently been engaging in leisurely activities, like going to the beach and biking.

“It’s all about himself now. It’s all about survival and planning his life after the presidency and trying to protect himself as much as possible. The country? We are not on Joe Biden’s mind,” Kelly commented and added, “If this pans out I think the way it is, it shows once again that Donald Trump was right.”

Greene: Let Biden’s impeachment process begin!

Meanwhile, Republicans have been ramping up their attacks on Biden in recent days. They have sent out feelers of impeachment plans based on the GOP-led House investigations into the Biden crime family and their illegal business affairs.

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