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Joe Biden’s ‘Handlers’ Whisk Him Away After He Goes On A Gaffe Filled, Bumbling Rant When Answering A Question About Leaked SCOTUS Opinion

The president’s mental capacity continues to diminish



President Joe Biden wandered off script and into the abortion debate Tuesday, referring to the right to “abort a child,” in a mangled message that had staffers rushing in to whisk him away.

Critics seized on the decidedly off-message word choice, delivered as the president spoke to reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs, Maryland, Tuesday morning. The gaffe came a day after Politico published a leaked draft of an upcoming Supreme Court decision that, if delivered, would overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case legalizing abortion.

“The idea that we’re gonna make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court I think goes way overboard,” Biden said, before aides stepped in and ushered him away.

Anti-abortion activists view fetuses as unborn children, but the pro-abortion rights side of the polarizing debate does not.

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