LGBTQ – A Dangerous Cult: Mother Says Daughter And All Her Friends Now Claim To Be Trans After Attending New School

LGBTQ supporters and organizations are indoctrinating children, brainwashing them into a cult-like existence

Credit: The Post Millennial


In a recent essay published to the substack “Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans,” one mother describes how her daughter and her friend group have all simultaneously decided that they are transgender.

“My teenage daughter has decided that she is ‘trans’. So have all her friends. Not some of them. Not most of them. Every. Single. One,” the mother begins.

She said that her daughter had never heard of the word trans, nor did she have any signs of gender dysphoria, until she was moved “to a new, cool trans-friendly school by her unsuspecting, politically liberal parents.”

It was at this school that the mother said her daughter met a group of “geeky, smart, slightly (but not very) gender nonconforming, artsy kids.”

“As I understand it, they all discovered  ‘trans’ together. The old  ‘cis’ friends were swiftly discarded in favour of this exciting new peer group,” she wrote.

She said her daughter and her friends explored “trans stuff” online and found its “source of great interest and excitement.”

The mother continued on to say that the gender identities complete with their own flags, Neo-pronouns, computer names, colored hair were “too delicious to resist” and “all part of the fun.”

“Mocking the outgroup (in this case so-called “cis” people in general and the dreaded TERFs in particular) is also good for a laugh—especially if they happen to be your parents as well,” she wrote.

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