Memes Reiterating The Point That New York City’s ‘Vaccine Pass’ Is The Real Jim Crow 2.0

Maybe this will wake blacks up to realize that vaccine passports = discrimination

Credit: PJ Media


New York City became the first major metro to require proof of vaccination to access restaurants, gyms, and other venues last week. Mayor

As Karol Markowicz pointed out, the vaccine passport erased children under 12 from public life because they cannot be vaccinated. The mayor’s office updated the policy to exempt them from the vaccine requirement and mandate masks for children instead.

Public policy is often full of unintended consequences. And while de Blasio and others like him are just sure they are sticking it to white Trump supporters with vaccine passports like these, nothing could be further from the truth.

According to New York City’s tracking, only 32% of black residents are fully vaccinated, and 43% of Hispanic residents have taken the complete doses. White New Yorkers are not too much further ahead with 46% participation, but the unvaccinated are probably not some reservoir of Trump support since the city went for Biden — he got 76% of the NYC vote.

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