‘Missing’ Hunter Biden Witness Posts Video Statement Accusing Bidens Of Corruption, DOJ Of Targeting Him In Presidential Cover Up

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(Daily Wire) American-Israeli energy expert Gal Luft accused the Department of Justice (DOJ) of maliciously targeting him to protect President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Luft said in a video statement obtained by the New York Post that he had provided evidence of Biden family corruption to the FBI and DOJ in March of 2019, weeks before Biden announced his run for the White House. Luft said he heard nothing from the DOJ until American authorities arrested him in Cyprus earlier this year on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI.


Luft has been the “missing witness” of House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings for months, according to the Post. House investigators have been unable to locate him to request his testimony to Congress.

Luft, who spends most of his time in Israel, offered to meet with the DOJ in 2019 to hand over evidence and information from Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC. Luft advised the now-defunct Chinese energy company for roughly four years and during the time that Hunter and the company were working together.

Luft said he met a six-person team from the DOJ and FBI in Brussels in March weeks before President Biden announced his bid for the White House. The team included two DOJ prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, Daniel Richenthal and Catherine Ghosh. Representing the FBI side, Special Agent Joshua Wilson of the Baltimore field office was one of the four in attendance. Wilson’s signature would later appear on the subpoena authorizing the FBI to confiscate Hunter’s laptop from a Delaware computer repair store.

In addition to Hunter’s dealings with CEFC, Luft said he also told the DOJ about a mole close to the FBI that was informing on its activity to the Biden family. The mole, Luft said he learned from CEFC executives, had a very distinctive physical appearance related to his nickname: “One-Eye.”

“After Brussels, I never heard back from the DOJ, but instead of showing appreciation for my whistle blowing, I became public enemy number one. Over the past four years that followed, me, my family, my friends, my associates were all harassed, intimidated, and, finally, I was prosecuted,” Luft said.

Luft has called on the DOJ to release his indictment and the evidence against him to the public. He said he is facing a 100-year prison sentence if convicted. Luft has denied the charges against him.

Luft said he was arrested in Cyprus in February and was awaiting possible extradition to the U.S. when he escaped and is now in hiding from U.S. authorities in an undisclosed location.

“While I was detained in Cyprus, I was portrayed in the international media as an arms dealer, even though I never traded a bullet in my entire life. In fact, nowhere in my indictment, the DOJ claimed or presented the evidence that I bought, sold, shipped, or financed any weapons,” Luft said.

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