Multi-State Operation: Michigan AG Admits Democrat Funded GBI Strategies Caught With 8,000-10,000 Fraudulent Voter Registrations

The group was caught just prior to the 2020 presidential election – FBI did nothing

Source: Michigan State Police/Facebook

(Gateway Pundit) As previously reported at The Gateway Pundit – Democrat operatives were caught in October 2020 in Muskegon, Michigan, a city of 38,000, dropping off 8,000 to 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations in a single drop. Many with the same handwriting and fake addresses. Police investigated (report attached) and found guns with silencers, burner phones, rental cars, and temporary businesses where registrations were stored.

Police officers found guns, silencers, pre-paid cash cards, and burner phones in the GBI Strategies office.

All of these efforts were funded by Democrat campaigns to GBI Strategies.  The firm in Muskegon was not only filling in bogus registrations by the thousand but they were also sending packages of registrations to nearby communities.

(Please review our previous reports to understand how MASSIVE nature of this Democrat-funded, nationally organized criminal syndicate.)

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit contacted Lt. Anderson, who wrote this explosive and thorough Michigan State Police report on the Muskegon investigation into GBI Strategies.

Lt. Anderson was apprehensive to speak with us.  We assume he has been contacted by media outlets hoping he will debunk his own report – which he has not.

Anderson told TGP, “The report speaks for itself.” Officer Anderson is not retracting a thing. He certainly appears to be a man of character and integrity.

We asked Lt. Anderson if GBI was operating in several states.

He confirmed this and told us that he found that information through the records he discovered.

GBI Strategies Director Gary Bell also brags about operating this organization in 20 states and consulting with at least seven other states.  This bio of Gary Bell has since been taken down since our Wednesday report.

Lt. Anderson told us you would not expect to find the guns and silencers in a normal business that were discovered during a raid at one of the GBI Strategy’s offices.

He agreed with us that it was easier to hide information when you are paying people with prepaid cash cards.

Dana Nessel mysteriously announced that they were turning the investigation over to the FBI – again.  That tells you everything.

GBI Strategies was operating in at least 20 states and all of the battleground states.

Here are the documents attributed to investigator Anderson.

Police document #1:





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