National Security Threat: Chinese Communist Party Continues To Buy Land In U.S.

Credit: The National Pulse


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is continuing its U.S. agricultural takeover, buying hundreds of thousands of arable acres across the nation.

The purchase of U.S. land is part of the CCP’s food security initiative, posing a significant threat to food and national security for the American public. Republicans appear willing to confront the risk by introducing amendments to H.R. 4356 and 2022 Agricultural Appropriations bill to limit land ownership and tax incentives for foreign investors.


At the beginning of 2020, Chinese investors had purchased upwards of 192,000 acres of American agricultural land. The value of the land is roughly $1.9 billion, which is an exponential increase in ownership over the ten years prior. Exact numbers on the land owned by China and Chinese companies are almost impossible to track, as the USDA’s data on farmland ownership is two-years out of date.



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