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Outrageous!! Two Transgender ‘Dudes’ Take Gold And Silver AGAIN In Women’s Cycling Race

Biological men are dominating women’s cycling events


(OutKick) Two transgender women, also known as biological men, have won gold and silver in a cyclocross race in Illinois. The trans cyclists, Evely Williamson and Tessa Johnson, are making a pattern of winning women’s races as this is now the second podium they have shared in two months.

The Illinois State Cyclocross Championships were made up of a number of different races divided into men’s, women’s, and junior categories. Johnson and Williamson ultimately took home gold and silver honors, respectively while the bronze-finishing biological woman, Kristin Chalmers, somehow smiled on the podium standing next to the biological men.

The exact same disgraceful finish unfolded back in October with Johnson winning gold and Williamson taking silver in the women’s Cyclocross Cup in Chicago. Like Chalmers, biological female Allison Zmuda happily stood on the podium after finishing third behind the two biological males.

According to Reduxx, Chicago CrossCup’s website notes that it will disqualify anyone who practices “discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle another racer.”

Trans Cyclist Have Long Been Making A Mockery Of Women

Johnson and Williamson have been making a mockery of women’s cycling and biological women in general for quite some time. The duo competed under the team name ‘TS-Estrodolls’ in the Racing-Athletic Relay Cross in Chicago in August. They won the race while competing under the name referencing estrogen.

Williamson has picked up 18 first-place finishes since 2017 competing against women while Johnson actually competed in the men’s category while competing for Clemson University in college. The duo had little to no success when competing against men, which should not come as a shock to anyone.

It has also been reported that Williamson is in a ‘throuple relationship’ with fellow trans cyclist Austin Killips and another individual.

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