Pallets Of Brand New ‘Covid’ Ventilators Dumped In Miami Landfill

Credit: WPLG


The reaction was strong enough for a few f-bombs.

“All these f—— ventilators. This is what is going on. Brand new. Brand f—— new.”

The video is from a resident who was taking some garbage to the South Dade Landfill last week. He was stunned to see pallets full of brand new, wrapped medical ventilators dumped as bulky trash among mattresses, tires and other waste.

His video shows hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ventilators sitting on trash mountain.

What’s dumped is usually plowed under within a day, so those ventilators are probably gone now.

“I just thought it was a lot of waste,” the resident said. “I mean, thousands and thousands of medical units that are being just tossed out.”

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