Perjury? World’s Leading Scientist On Coronavirus Says Dr. Anthony Fauci Continues To Lie About ‘Gain Of Function’ Research

Dr. Fauci testified to Congress that he didn’t fund gain-of-function research responsible for killing millions during coronavirus outbreak


(Newsmax) In a Wednesday interview on Newsmax, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of evading responsibility for funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, citing revelations from a prominent scientist and ongoing investigations.

Paul spoke out, alleging significant findings regarding the origins of COVID-19 and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in funding gain-of-function research.

“This is a really big deal,” Paul emphasized during his appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

“Ralph Baric is a scientist, one of the world’s leading scientists on coronavirus,” he continued. “He was a collaborator with the Wuhan lab for many, many years and also a collaborator with EcoHealth and Peter Daszak. He intimately knows about this research and the very research that Anthony Fauci still says is not gain-of-function. Ralph Baric, scientist and coronavirus expert, says, ‘unequivocally, absolutely this was gain-of-function research.'”

Paul went on to scrutinize Fauci’s continuing denial, asserting, “So, you have this bureaucrat Anthony Fauci in charge of the money spigot who is not really a researcher in this, but saying adamantly that it wasn’t gain-of-function. Why does he say that? Because he wants to escape responsibility for having funded research and for having made the terrible decision to fund research that led to a pandemic that killed millions of people.”

Paul further criticized Fauci’s stance on the worthiness of the research at Wuhan.

“A pandemic could occur, but the knowledge would be worth the risk of a pandemic.” he said, adding, “I would say the families of millions of people who lost loved ones would beg to differ that this knowledge wasn’t worth the risk.”

Regarding the lack of Democratic opposition to Wuhan funding, Paul remarked, “It’s amazing to me that we’ve had virtually no Democrats step forward and criticize this.”

However, he acknowledged some Democrats’ actions in the House COVID committee, noting their advocacy to cease funding for EcoHealth.

“The House committee has said that they should be debarred or prevented from getting any more NIH grants. And now we have the Biden administration, actually, finally doing something after three years of us complaining, he added.

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