Silence Is Golden: Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light Getting Blasted On Social Media, Haven’t Posted In 8 Days Since Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Sad, not good! 😂

Neither Bud Light nor Anheuser-Busch have posted to social media since their catastrophic decision to pay actual-woman-debaser Dylan Mulvaney to be a paid spokesman for their brand. And the posts that remain up on their feeds are being gloriously ratioed by upset EX-customers.

The last time either brand posted to Twitter, Instagram, or Facbeook was April 1, which was the day Mulvaney-gate broke.

Look at the ratio of replies to retweets and likes:

(Yes, the company trying to erase women really tweeted that about Women’s History Month.)

The situation is the same over on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Literally ALL of the comments are people flaming the company and saying they will never buy their beer again. And they deserve every bit of this. I hope none of you ever buy another Anheuser-Busch product again for the rest of your lives.

They want to erase women by paying this pervert who acts like a crude caricature of a female to be their spokesman:


They want to encourage child grooming by paying this degenerate who cosplays as a 6-year-old girl to be their spokesman:



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