Suspicious Chinese ‘Police Stations’ Have Popped Up In Canada, New York City, And Other Countries Around The World

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

(PJ Media) The human rights watchdog group Safeguard Defenders is claiming that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has established a network of Chinese police stations across the globe, including three in Toronto and one in New York City. The Chinese initially asserted that the police stations were there to help their nationals do things like keep their driver’s licenses current, which they can do at their embassy.

Soon after, they added the goal of stopping “online” and “telecom fraud,” but it’s starting to look like the Chinese are using these police stations to spread Chinese propaganda and keep an eye on anyone who dares disagree with the Commies back in China. Many Chinese nationals have been “persuaded” into returning home to face “charges.”




  • The Chi-comms refer to their worldwide police station operation as “110 Overseas.” “110” is their emergency number, like our 911.
  • Roughly 230,000 Chinese people have decided to return home “voluntarily” to face criminal charges.
  • “Dishonest persons,” a.k.a. suspects, may not be allowed to travel on planes or high-speed trains and can be banned from staying in hotels.

There are currently 54 CCP “police stations” in 30 countries, most of which are in Europe. London, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid each have two such Chinese spy stations.

(Image credit: Safeguard Defenders)

The Chinese “persuasion to return” tactics are grueling and include warning “suspects” that their families at home will lose health insurance and that children in their families will be kicked out of school.

A Chinese woman who owned a restaurant in Cambodia, one of nine countries to which Chinese people are forbidden from moving, received a warning from the Commies that the water and power to her mother’s home would be turned off if the woman refused to comply. The words “House of Telecom Fraud” were spray-painted on her mom’s house.

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