Trans Influencer Who Biden Invited To White House Pride Celebration Accused Of Sexual Assault

“I’m really sorry I broke your trust and violated you,” an email from Montoya to Diamond said

The Post Millennial

(PM.) The trans TikToker who was banned from the White House after going topless during a Pride celebration on the lawn has been accused of sexual assaulting at least five people. Rose Montoya, who was born male but now identifies as a woman, allegedly abused the victims over many years.

Jesse Diamond, who goes by TransMuscleBear online, made the allegations on social media, detailing the abuse suffered at the hands of Montoya while recovering from sex change operation years ago. Diamond shared an email appearing to be from Montoya, which read, “I broke your trust and violated you,” as well as “I’m sorry I forced myself on you.”

According to Diamond, while the abuse was “nonstop for nearly a year,” the emotional pain lasted far beyond that. “I attempted to end my life on more than one occasion due to how depressed I was from the trauma,” Diamond explained. “After my third surgery, I went nearly 2 years without kissing or intimacy of any kind.” Diamond said there were at least four other victims.

“I was incapable of walking the first 10+ times that she r*ped me,” Diamond continued. “I couldn’t run away if I tried & I couldn’t afford to stay anywhere else.” Diamond noted that Montoya filed a restraining order to prevent Diamond from speaking out, but that it was denied by a judge. “If she continues to try to threaten me with legal action,” Diamond added, “I have no issue presenting her confession to a judge + making it public record.”

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