Trump Super PAC Creates ‘Biden-Mart’ To Show The Mind-Blowing Price Hikes Under Biden Since 2021

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

(Red State) The Make America Great Again Inc. Trump super PAC has built a Biden grocery store website where you get to pick your items, and then it tells you what the final bill would have been under Trump.

Then it shocks the pants off you with what it now costs after three years plus of Bidenflation.


It’s funny and sad at the same time; it’s funny because it mocks Biden and his failed policies, but it’s sad because those policies have hurt regular Americans.

I stopped by and was greeted with the message:

I figured I’d get me some ribs for dinner, skirt steak for tomorrow, potatoes, carrots, grapes, and coffee and ice cream for dessert. Nothing crazy. In 2020, this would have cost me $38.61, but nowadays it would come in at $55.48—a 45.69 percent increase. (And I’m guesstimating that it would be considerably more in California or NYC.)

Thanks, Joe.

The site says it makes its calculations based on “USDA DATA, JANUARY 2021 AND JANUARY 2024.”

The people behind the website explained their goal:

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