Unmasked: Documents Reveal Fauci’s Net Worth Soared During Pandemic While Giving Poor Advice

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(DailyWire) Dr. Anthony Fauci’s net worth soared during the COVID pandemic, leaving the career government worker sitting on a nearly $13 million nest egg, according to newly uncovered documents.

The 81-year-old director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases added some $5 million to his household net worth from 2019-2021, according to financial disclosures obtained by Fauci, the federal government’s highest-paid employee including the president, earns $480,000 per year.


“While millions of Americans suffered under his pandemic policies, Fauci’s personal profits soared,” wrote CEO Adam Andrzejewski.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone from rich to much, much richer during the COVID pandemic, documents show.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone from rich to much, much richer during the COVID pandemic, documents show. (

Mandatory disclosures show the Fauci household’s net worth jumped from $7.6 million at the beginning of 2019 to over $12.6 million by the end of 2021.  Fauci augmented his generous taxpayer-funded salary with an array of prizes, perks, royalties and investment income. One example was the $1 million prize awarded to Fauci by the Israel-based Dan David Foundation for “speaking truth to power” and “defending science” during the Trump administration.

Fauci also pocketed a six-figure sum for editing the medical textbook, “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine,” and serving on the board of directors for its publisher, McGraw Hill.

Andrzejewski’s watchdog group has battled to unmask Fauci’s finances, filing four federal lawsuits against the National Institutes of Health, the federal agency that oversees Fauci’s office. Earlier this year, Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), forced the agency to reveal Fauci’s unredacted financial disclosures for 2019 and 2020 after a nasty Capitol Hill clashthat saw the doctor call the lawmaker “a moron.”

In addition to the Israeli group’s prize, of which Fauci donated 10% to charity, the doctor reaped unrealized investment gains totaling $2,832,876. Those funds included $919,205 in royalties and travel perks and $910,174 in investment gains.

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